As an entrepreneurial spirited business owner, today takes up little space in your mind.

You are busy thinking about the future, how you are to spend your money to grow your business, tinkering with the next big idea, or perhaps even how you will come up with funding for your big step.

For many people on your team, on the other side, the only thing they think of is today; they will be closing today’s sales, ship orders for today, and they deal with today’s customer’s issues.

So if your team of “today’rs” are having an issue which does not allow them to perform efficiently, it is a huge problem for them. For you on the other side, it is natural to write it off as a minor problem, because; compared to the many struggles you will and have already overcome, they are indeed minor.

However, never forget that your team lives and breathes today and ‘today’ is all that you want them to put up with.

A company is a band of talented business people performing together, make sure that the ‘today’ players are being taken care of.

Because after all eternity is also just a bunch of today’s….

p.s. credit is due to Steven J. Thompson for opening my eyes to the fact that “For Leaders, Today is History“:


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