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Why do I need help? This is my business and I know it better than anyone.
You’re right. Not only do you know your business better than us, you’re probably a master in your field. But although you have what it takes to succeed in business, you face numerous daily decisions. You often don’t know what the right answer is, and as your business grows it’s easy to get sucked into the daily details while your original big idea takes a back seat. We are here to help you realize the big vision, setting your agenda, strategizing your angle, and working through hurdles together. You regain the freedom to do what you do best.
How do I know you’re good at what you do?
Your concerns are valid. We understand how easily suit-clad ‘professionals’ bluff their way into the boardrooms and pockets of business owners. That’s why I’m happy you ask the question. It gives me the confidence that by working together we will add a lot of value to your business; I know you won’t sign the check otherwise.
Are you really worth your asking price?
Well, is it worth to pay $1,500.00 for airfare to meet a vendor or bank? It all depends on the scenario. I will, however, offer you my honest opinion before you sign any contract.
What if I happen to disagree with you at some point?
While I strongly believe in my solutions and expertise, it’s my mission and responsibility to explain my position to you at every step so you get to see my perspective. If you still disagree, I proceed the way you want it done. After all, you know your business best.
What if you can't improve my unique situation?
Built into our 5-step process is Step #2, at which point we build a relationship and learn more about each other. I strongly recommend that you refrain from signing any contract until you feel comfortable to do so.
Shouldn't I rather higher a great manager instead of you?

A great manager is mandatory in a big business and will always enable you to achieve your vision. With that said, your manager will always be your employee. Some tension always exists between entrepreneur-owners and their managers, as your manager’s job is to balance out the waves when you rock the boat with your bright, sudden ideas. We, on the other hand, help you rock the boat while ensuring your manager can balance it out without asking you to stop rocking the boat…

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