People are limited by their time and energy.

Organizations are limited by cash flow.

In order to grow your business you need to use cash flow as efficient as possible.

Payroll usually gets a big chunk of the cash flow. So when cash flow is tight, we attempt making payroll efficient by overloading employees with work, and have them jump from task to task without ‘wasting’ any time.

While it will most probably make you feel productive, will it really result in efficient cash flow?

If your employees work really hard but the project they work on goes around in circles what return do you get on their hard work?

If your employee is ‘busy’ the entire work day but can only give all they got for the first hour because the majority of their work burns them out quickly (think: a performer doing spreadsheets or a scientist giving public speeches) what return do you get on the full day work?

You can get the most out of your employee’s time and energy by strategically planning their work. In the sense of, are the tasks they are doing the most efficient way to get to the big goal but also in the sense of, is this employee the best person to do all of the work they do.

Your employee will always know best whether they can execute all of their work efficiently, just ask them…

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