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The Big Picture vs. Today

As an entrepreneurial spirited business owner, today takes up little space in your mind. You are busy thinking about the future, how you are to spend your money to grow your business, tinkering with the next big idea, or perhaps even how you will come up with funding... read more

Is Your Business Profitable?

Regardless of what type of business you own and operate, there is one thing that must happen at all times, and that is that your business is profitable. Now there are two types of profit; there is ‘Equity’ and then there is ‘Money’. Every great... read more

Do you get all they got to offer?

People are limited by their time and energy. Organizations are limited by cash flow. In order to grow your business you need to use cash flow as efficient as possible. Payroll usually gets a big chunk of the cash flow. So when cash flow is tight, we attempt making... read more
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