When you start out in business you do so with a believe that you can win.

It is usually the ONE thing you do better than anyone else that you believe will help you succeed.

You are probably right.

The question is, now after being in business for a while are you still doing that ONE thing?

If not, is it by choice or did daily complications get the better part of you?

We don’t get suddenly overwhelmed but it is the last straw that makes us aware that we are overwhelmed.

So, when we think about hiring an additional employee (especially the first one) we question whether it is worth the hassle and whether our business can handle it.

The real question we should ask is:

Will the new hire help me do more of the ONE thing I do best?

If the answer is no, you can most probably make better use of your time and money elsewhere, and regarding feeling overwhelmed, you are probably doing things you did not plan on doing, for a very good reason….

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