Taking you from point A

to the point of Be

Helping you own your business

While you’re a born entrepreneur, you may rarely feel like a true business owner. Having served as key team members at prominent corporations, we understand your challenges and have developed an effective suite of support services to address concerns like:

“I’m so overwhelmed. Thinking of my business terrifies me.”
“Do I have what it takes to succeed as an entrepreneur?”
“Opportunities abound, but my processes are so unclear.”
“I micromanage; I have to push for anything to happen.”
“I can’t rely on anyone. With such hustle, I don’t feel like the boss…”

As a visionary you see the future and plan for it today. But the road from now to then is full of ‘how’ and ‘when’. The little things like technical hiccups, inadequate delegation and other minutiae derail your focus, consume your talent, and stifle your creativity.

Your ideas our execution

Reclaim the freedom to maximize revenue and growth. With powerful processes tailored to your business model, we help execute your most ambitious visions. We manage details with minimum effort to you, so you regain control, run smoothly, and profit as planned.

Team Clear:
from A to Zishe

As the owner of The Clear Advantage I introduce hand-selected professionals to support your growth. My promise to you is that I remain personally involved with each and every client, so you get our best people—including my hands-on involvement.

What Our Clients Say…

Zisha is an exceptional entrepreneur, his ability to bring order out chaos is marvelous and unmatched it is so natural to him to go in the nitty gritty details of anything he wants to lead and setup to such degree of perfection, he have help me and our company in some departments to clarify plans of a new projects and implement direction how it should be executed efficiently with great success, as well as in a department where we need to have some order he had put himself into the last detail to make sure we have the right, efficient and sustainable procedure in place and so it keeps running ever since smoothly and successful,

Moshe BT

CEO, MongoTel

Zishe streamlined our processes which have been instrumental in the increased effectiveness of our company. He was able to breakdown the tasks of each department with a birds eye view of our vision.
Zishe has a unique and practical way of pointing out the small details while clarifying to us why those were important to our goals. Bottom Line – His suggestions worked and gave us a renewed sense of focus. I highly recommend his services!

Joel Feldman

Creative Director, Go Smart Media

Working with Zishe has been a pleasure and he has proven himself to be a remarkably helpful, productive and confident specialist. I was amazed at the ease with which Zishe streamlined a variety of processes.
Zishe is THE right hand person every entrepreneur dreams of. I have worked with many performances and Zishe is a true master in his field. I strongly recommend him to every Entrepreneur that finds his company annoying him.

Yossi Spitzer

Live. Prosper. Succeed., Einei Yeshuah

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